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We partner with innovative future-facing companies by providing intellectual property protection while they focus on solving complex problems. At Optimal IP Strategies, we are flexible, agile, cost-effective, and team-focused. We understand your company’s legal and technical challenges. Attorney Patterson has both in-house counsel and BigLaw experience and has provided the critical legal skills necessary to protect a company’s valuable ideas, inventions, brands, and trademarks.

Our law firm specializes in all aspects of intellectual property protection. We have partnered with small and large companies from concept through commercialization. There are no gatekeepers here. Attorney Patterson partners directly with the executive team to better understand their concerns and spends time getting to know their businesses. We provide the support and expertise to businesses to secure intellectual property rights in the United States and throughout the world.

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We are licensed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This grants us authority to prepare, file and prosecute a patent application on your company’s behalf. We can also submit your application to the USPTO under the Patent Cooperation Treaty for international consideration.


We perform freedom to operate analyses including researching, reviewing and analyzing third party patents against your products. We also provide infringement, non-infringement and invalidity opinions.


We research your proposed marks to avoid infringement and confusion issues. We prepare your trademark registration application in compliance with current USPTO standards and requirements and monitor and report the progress of the application.


We analyze your patents in relation to your business goals. We analyze the patent portfolios of others and assist mergers and acquisitions.


We analyze and evaluate your patents, and determine your options for selling, licensing, or discontinuing maintenance fee payments.


Knowing the value of your patent portfolio is important when a company must document its assets for a financial transaction. As a certified Patent Portfolio Valuation Analyst, Matthew Patterson assists clients in assigning appropriate values.

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Attorney Matthew Patterson

When you work with Optimal IP Strategies, you work directly with Attorney Matthew Patterson. He has a decades-long history as an intellectual property attorney. He understands a comprehensive range of complex IP issues. He doesn’t hand you off to an associate or seek answers from someone else.

Each client benefits from Attorney Patterson’s business-oriented approach, his flexibility, and his deep technical and IP expertise. He developed and honed his expertise over years of practicing as both in-house counsel and counsel at a major IP boutique firm. He formed Optimal IP Strategies to provide dedicated, staff-counsel caliber services to companies that don’t have the budget for a full-time legal professional.

Attorney Patterson shares his work ethic, flexibility, and IP expertise with every client he serves. He invites you to partner with Optimal IP Strategies as your outside/inside legal team.

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Our Patents

Pat. No. US 5,638,675

A Jet Engine Mixer

Pat. No. US 10,893,767 B1

Adjustable Garment Hanger

Pat. App. No. US20170058605A1

Roof Mounted Ladder Bracket System

Pat. App. No. US20200269944A1

Motorcycle Accessories

Pat. App. No. US20210255069A1

Gas Sampling Tube

Pat. App. No. US20200356636A1

AI Language Translator

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REG NO. 88,179,884

Educational Playcare

REG. NO. 87,028,627

Still Hill Brewery

REG. NO. 87,319,735

First & Last Tavern

REG. NO. 87,907,901


REG. NO. 88,633,998

Fecal Ferry

REG. NO. 90529294

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

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