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From entrepreneurial startups to multinational enterprises, we help businesses acquire, manage, and protect their intellectual property. Our diverse client base spans industries including technology, healthcare, telecommunications, food and beverage, service and retail, and manufacturing are proactively selecting, securing, protecting, maximizing, and fully leveraging their intellectual property rights

Your New Haven business, industry, or institution works to develop innovative ideas and creative products. Your business needs to proactively identify and protect the intellectual property associated with its work. At Optimal IP Strategies, we provide your business with the acquisition, management, valuation, and protective services you need to meet this challenge.

Our firm offers unparalleled intellectual property knowledge and deep business and technical expertise. We have a 30-year history of success, devising IP strategies, developing comprehensive solutions, and implementing legally enforceable rights.
We develop your IP strategy only after considering your story, your unique operations, your professional perspective, and your goals. We research your patents and your competitors’ patents, a critical step in protecting your company. We prepare your applications and prosecute your patents and trademarks before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Optimal IP Strategies has provided professional IP solutions for businesses and industries in the United States and throughout the world. We welcome the opportunity to share our legal expertise with you and your company.

Optimal IP Strategies

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Our IP attorney is licensed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We prepare and prosecute patent applications on behalf of your company. We can also submit international applications to the USPTO under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.


We perform freedom-to-operate investigations that include research, review, and analysis. We compare your company’s products against existing third-party patents. We also provide infringement, non-infringement, and invalidity opinions.


We research your proposed trademarks to help to prevent rejections and minimize infringement issues. We prepare your application, ensuring that it complies with USPTO standards and guidelines. We monitor each application’s progress and provide regular client updates.


We review and analyze your patents in relation to your business goals. We investigate other companies’ IP portfolios and can assist you with mergers and acquisitions.


We manage your IP portfolio with patent analyses and valuations. We examine your selling and licensing options, and we review the benefits of discontinuing patent maintenance fees.


Accurate IP portfolio valuation is essential when you must document your company’s assets for a financial transaction. As a certified Patent Portfolio Valuation Analyst, Attorney Patterson reviews your intellectual property and assigns appropriate values.

Optimal IP Strategies

Attorney Matthew Patterson

As an Optimal IP Strategies client, you work directly with our IP attorney, Attorney Matthew Patterson. He offers 30 years of expertise and insight gained as business and industry in-house counsel and outside counsel at a boutique law firm. He offers each client an ethical experience and a conscientious, flexible working relationship.

Attorney Patterson established Optimal IP Strategies to provide in-house caliber legal services to companies with a limited legal budget. He invites you to make Optimal IP Strategies your outside/inside IP counsel.

Optimal IP Strategies

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Whether your New Haven company is a start-up, a thriving industry, an established business operation, you need a confident, IP expert managing your intellectual property legal issues. As your outside/inside counsel, we provide legal, business and technical expertise for a sensible price.

To schedule a free consultation, contact Optimal IP Strategies at (860) 982-6415.

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