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At Optimal IP Strategies, we have produced innovative Intellectual property solutions for industries, corporations, and start-ups. Our decades of experience have allowed us to provide unparalleled staff counsel IP support on a cost-efficient outside counsel basis.

Below is a sample of our work. Click the Patents below to view the PDF files.

Optimal IP Strategies


Pat. No. US 5,638,675

A Jet Engine Mixer

Pat. App. No. US20200269944A1

Motorcycle Accessories

Pat. App. No. US20210255069A1

Gas Sampling Tube

Pat. No. US 10,920,587 B2

Fluid Pumping System

PCT. App. No. WO2020223437A1

Gas Lift Valve

Pat. No. US 9,541,285 B2


Optimal IP Strategies


Pat. Appn. No. US20210025381A1

Downhol Pumping System Control

Pat. No. US 10,079,457 B2

Safe Grounding System for PM Motors

Pat. No. US 10,837,268 B2

High Temperature Pump System

PCT Appn. No. WO2018157120A1

Digital Motor Controller

PCT Appn. No. WO2019147750A2

Pump Monitoring System

Pat. No. US 11,035,231 B2

Downhole Testing Tool

Optimal IP Strategies


Pat. No. US 6,558,036 B2

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

Pat. No. US 6,782,150 B2

Optics Based Flowmeter

Pat. No. US 6,785,004 B2

Fiber Optic Sensing System

Pat. No. US 10,598,544 B2

Intrusion Detection System

Pat. No. US 11,209,349 B2

Optical Fluid Analyzer

Pat. No. US 8,244,088 B2

Waveguide, Grating and Laser

Optimal IP Strategies

Oil Energy

Pat. No. US 10,837,268 B2

Oil Well Pumping System

Pat. No. US 10,920,587 B2

A Novel Pumping System

Pat. No. US 11,125,082 B2

Sigma Neutron Testing System

PCT Appn. No. WO2018156673

Optical Fluid Analyzer

PCT Appn. No. WO2020223437A1

Gas Lift Valve

Pat. No. US 11,035,209 B2

Motor Controller

Optimal IP Strategies


Pat. App. No. US20200356636A1

AI Language Translator

Pat. No. US9710808B2

Digital Cash

Pat. No. US 6,889,562 B2

Flowmeter Computer

Pat. No. US 11,002,280 B2

Processor for Monitoring

Optimal IP Strategies

Consumer Products

Design Pat. No. USD0771343S

Trash Container Enclosure

Design Pat. No. USD0898388S

Adjustable Clothes Hanger

Pat. Appn. No. US20180027996A1

Decorative Picture Hanger

Pat. Appn. No. US20210237653A1

Motorcycle Accessories

Pat. No. US 10,893,767 B1

Adjustable Garment Hanger

Design Patent No. USD0841141S

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